iTrade Mezzanine Financing

Fund up to 90% of your project’s cost with our mezzanine financing.


Traditional lenders typically cap the amount of funding for a project at 60–70%, leaving a sizable portion of required equity. Our flexible funding can reduce the overall amount of equity required while lowering a project’s average cost of capital.

Banks and other traditional capital providers typically take a minimum of 60 days to close. Our streamlined process for mezzanine loans enables us to fund your transaction in as little as ten business days.

Loan Amount: $5,000,000.00 - $55,000,000

Term: 6 months - 36 years

LTV: Up to 90% LTV

Recourse: Yes

Pre-Payment Flexibility: Yes


Non-owner occupied 1-4 residential, condominium, townhomes

Multifamily (5+ units) apartments

REO and foreclosure purchases


Office, industrial, retail, hospitality

Mixed use properties

Vacant or leased buildings

Mortgage and property pools


Final stage residential and commercial

Entitled land and lot loans

Fix and flips

Remodel and rehabilitation


All income types including self-employed

No minimum FICO credit score

No maximum debt to income ratios

Real estate investors and developers